Large Traditional Fruit Cakes.


The cakes are made by Harbourside Rotarians, friends and family in partnership with Camosun College using a recipe handed down through the generations. We use only the highest quality ingredients. The cake fruit we use is all fruit, we even add extra candied orange, lemon and citron peel because even the very best cake fruit mix that we can buy didn’t have enough for us! The proportion of fruit to batter is much higher making the cakes richer and more moist. Our cakes are dipped in VSOP brandy, wrapped in cheesecloth, overwrapped in parchment paper and then foil.

Ingredients include almonds; baking powder; cake fruit; cherries; cinnamon; currants; dates; eggs; flour, unbleached (traditional cakes); glace citron; glace ginger; glace orange and lemon peel; glace pineapple; ground allspice; ground cloves; ground coriander; ground ginger; ground mace; ground nutmeg; light brown sugar; raisins; unsalted butter; walnuts.

For more information about these cakes and truffles (roses), please see our FAQs.

Weight: 1.5 kilograms

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